Raja Ampat West Papua

Raja Ampat or Four King is an archipelago comprising more than one thousand of small islands. Combination of forested islands, atolls, unspoiled beaches, lagoons and underwater that will take your breath away to be in this magical place.

Truly a diver’s paradise, with pristine coral reefs and stunning topside scenery. The unrivaled marine biodiversity guarantee such a spectacular diving. The abundance and diversity of marine life, wildly colorful soft corals, gigantic hard coral gardens, blue water drop-offs and mangroves are incomparable anywhere else in this world. 
Divers all levels and non divers to snorkel or swim in the area will guarantee satisfaction. You can expect to see anything from tiny pygmy seahorses to giant oceanic mantas, turtles and sharks. 
Tropical weather combination of hot and humid with rainy during few months of the year, though never a major rain that stop from sailing and diving in the region.The dives are mostly easy with warm water temperature all year round around 27-29C.


Best time to visit Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat which is located on the equator line has the advantage of very warm with about 12 hours day times all year-round. Underwater temperature is also warm with average temperature between 28 – 30oC.

Time to dive Raja Ampat from October to April, although the really best period is in the mid-October to mid- December time.