Ambon-Banda Diving Liveaboard

Ambon is world famous amongst keen muck divers for it’s impressive wide range of macro life and in shallow water. Muck dive is not the only dive in Ambon, there are wreck dive, walls full of corals, caves and the famous Pintu Kota or Gate of the city dive sites, be ready with your wide angles lens.

The island itself holds a fairly significant amount of history, dated all the way back to the spice trade, although locals held a rich culture before this for many years. The United East Indian Company was responsible for building forts in the early 17th century, and every year on 25 April, a ceremony is held to commemorate the independent as part of colony.


Banda Islands were the original Spice Islands and the most coveted destination on earth, particularly by the Dutch and Portuguese who colonized the islands and exported the indigenous nutmeg and cloves. History tells of a violent past under colonial rule. Not to missed to visit the island of Banda Neira to view the historical little town, to visit the nutmeg plantation and enjoy their hospitality and to taste the sweetness of nutmeg jam.

The seas around these tropical paradise islands are coveted for their spectacular diving and snorkeling on some of the world’s richest reefs. Just off the jetty jump into for dusk dive to see beautiful colorful mandarin fish hopping around ready for their nightly ritual. The massive horn corals and table corals spread out in almost all dive site. And the one most heard also is Gunung Api site for its sea snakes.   

Best time to visit Ambon

 Ambon and Banda islands even though nit far from each other, but the weather are quite different. Throughout the year we could dive in Ambon and Banda.

The good time to visit and dive from October to April, with the best period is mid October to mid December. Both air and underwater temperature in the region are warm average 27 – 30C.